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Kingston Corp. One of the largest and most successful Corporations Worldwide – and also owned by one of the coldest yet flirtatious males known to mankind – Adrian Kingston.

He was looking for a new assistant; and who was better suited to the job more than Emily Johnson? She’s academically qualified, skilled in all business areas, organised and independent. She’s also one of the only females who has not fallen for Adrian’s charm.

Now throw in a little tension, a lot of late nights in the office, and a whole lot of social events, and what do you get? An undeniable spark between the pair.

The only question is, will Emily change her stubborn ways and accept Adrian’s charm?


The Assistant


About the Author:

Elle Brace is an Australian author who started her writing career through wattpad, a site for authors to publish their stuff online free for all to read.

Astonishingly, her first book “The Assistant” got a total of over 8 million reads on the day of completion. And now its gotten even bigger!

She’s a total bookworm and a music lover. Loves to study, especially criminology, and has hopes of living in London one day.

You can email her at

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